Case studies

Premium domain name –

This is a classic example of a quality premium domain name that it simple and easy to remember.  It is perfect for vehicle transporters or business owners in the interstate vehicle moving, car carrying, boat transportation industries.  The domain name is clear and to the point and instantly grabs the visitors attention by saying “We’re a business and we move vehicles, click here because you’ll get the information you are searching for”.  In this case, vehicle move has already been registered and surrounds a concept of offering car and boat transport quotes, it was most likely purchased at a premium price. Domains can be registered for as little as $15 per year and premium domains like this sold for thousands of dollars. Is it worth the initial investment to purchase the right domain at a premium price? For sure it is, of course you could have purchased a readily available domain name and saved thousands of dollars initially, but how much will ongoing marketing costs be? Say you registered and it cost your $15, it doesn’t provide the same marketing opportunities and doesn’t give you that credibility.

Premium domain name –

No doubt car sales obtained the premium domain with a premium price attached.  Once again, it is short and concise, instantly marketable and commands trust and credibility.  The domain describes what the website is all about and is easy for the visitor to remember.  Although car sales have been around for a long time and is a company of great size, it points out that many multinational companies have premium domain names and see the benefits. By obtaining a premium domain name you are able to compete with these larger companies by gaining instant credibility simply because people trust premium domain names, from the customers point of view, shorter domain names provide a sense of trust compared to longer domain names. Imagine if car sales were known as, it will not be as trustworthy, credibility will be low and traffic will be significantly less.

Other benefits of having a premium domain name is ranking ability, there will be increased ranking with search engines simply because when the search engines crawl all over the internet, they will find keywords and phrases that match the visitor’s needs, identify it as relevant and therefore rank it higher in the results page.  Traditional marketing will also benefit as shorter domain names are easier to print on promotional items such as pens and keyrings, easier to read on billboards and television ads.

So when it comes to building an online presence for your business, a premium domain name is worth the investment, a domain name is like a hot piece of real estate, it’s one of those things that pays for itself and it can only increase in value over time.